​​​​​​​​​​​These intermediate-level webinars are of public health significance and will be of interest to public health laboratorians. Registration is free.

Upcoming Webinars

​​Archived Webinars

Candida auris: Is it here to stay? (September 2019)

Hepatitis A: Pulling a Molecular Rabbit from San Diego’s Hat (June 2019)

Laboratory Management During a Crisis: Experiences with Zika and Ebola (June 2019)

Laboratory Ethics and Data Integrity (May 2019)

W​​​hy, When and How to Create a 508 Compliant Document​ (2018)

Carbapenemase Testing and Reporting - the mCIM Method and More! (2018)

Diagnostic Features of Intestinal Nematodes (2018)

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