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Packaging and Shipping: Division 6.2 Materials

Locations/dates without links are being finalized. 

Springfield, IL: 10/24/2017
Chicago, IL: 10/26/2017
Indianapolis, IN: 10/31/2017
Fort Wayne, IN: 11/2/2017
Richmond, CA: 11/8/2017
Richmond, CA: 11/9/2017
Mississippi: March 2018
Decatur, GA: 3/6/2018
Decatur, GA: 3/8/2018
New Orleans, LA: 3/27/2018
Colchester, VT: 4/10/2018
Santa Maria, CA: 4/14/2018
Auburn, CA: 4/17/2018
Lansing, MI: 5/1/2018 

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Please note, state residency requirements may apply for packaging and shipping seminars.