​Your internship journey will include diverse opportunities for professional development, career growth and experiential learning in public health. Training will consist of research, projects, developmental-on-the-job activities, mentoring, workshops, seminars, conferences and independent asynchronous eLearning. To facilitate your learning, an Internship Training Plan was developed to help guide you through the experience.​

About the Internship Training Plan and Resources

The Internship Training Plan includes training resources provided by APHL, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other sources. The Internship Training Plan maps each topic area, title of the training resource, where it is located, a brief description of each training resource, the estimated amount of time needed to complete the training and the timeframe in which training should be completed. 

Please note: 
  • All training resources are provided to interns free of charge.
  • You are expected to complete the training plan as specified. The timeline for completion is set for pacing to help you ​manage your workload.​
  • Interns are encouraged to collaborate with their mentors about the training plan.​
Internship Training Activity Guides
On the right-hand side, there are various Internship Training Activity​ Guides listed, including Safety and Public Health Laboratories 101. Please complete the required guides and use your mentor as a valuable resource.

More information to come regarding the new APHL Learning Center. Feel free to explore the free courses offered on this portal.