• Responding to the Monkeypox Outbreak

    Responding to the Monkeypox Outbreak

    Learn more about how public health laboratories are supporting the national response.

The Association of Public Health Laboratories works to strengthen laboratory systems serving the public’s health in the US​​ and globally.



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APHL 2022 Newborn Screening SymposiumAPHL 2022 Newborn Screening SymposiumOctober 16-20, 2022 - Tacoma, WA 2022-10-16T04:00:00Z2022-10-21T03:55:00Zhttps://www.aphl.org/conferences/NBS-Symposiums/Pages/default.aspx, https://www.aphl.org/conferences/NBS-Symposiums/Pages/default.aspx
APHL ID Lab Con 2023APHL ID Lab Con 2023March 13-15, 2023 - Atlanta, GA2023-03-13T04:00:00Z2023-03-16T03:55:00Zhttps://www.aphl.org/conferences/ID-Lab-Con/Pages/default.aspx, https://www.aphl.org/conferences/ID-Lab-Con/Pages/default.aspx



MicrobeTrace: A Data Visualization and Analysis Tool for Outbreak InvestigationsMicrobeTrace: A Data Visualization and Analysis Tool for Outbreak InvestigationsWebinar2022-09-13T18:00:00Z2022-09-13T19:00:00Zhttps://aphl.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_8q_j9FDSSDyCnBTu3jFSNw, https://aphl.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_8q_j9FDSSDyCnBTu3jFSNw

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