​​​​​​​​INFORM 2020

​With great deliberation and meticulous planning, both the Executive Planning Committee and the Laboratory Track Planning Subcommittee are pleased to announce the completion of the below mentioned plenary sessions and laboratory track sessions. APHL, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and APHL member laboratories continue to hold the conference theme true and “Move Forward, Together!” in the face of the pandemic. 

For questions concerning InFORM, please contact Kristy Kubota, man​ager, PulseNet, at foodsafety@aphl.org.

InFORM 2020 Session Webinars

Learn more about each session and how to access it by clicking on the appropriate session's link in their titles. Continuing education credits (CEUs) are listed for each session.

All webinars will expire one year from the original presentation date. 

​Conference Plenary Webinars 

Communication about Foodborne Illness Outbreaks: Reaching Consumers and Getti​​​ng Them to Act (000-625-20)​
Dr. William K. Hallman, professor and chair of the Department of Human Ecology, Rutgers University
August 14, 2020 (Archived session)
CEU Credits: N/A

Notes from the​​ Field: One Health Implications ​When Working with Feral Swine (588-623-20) 
Noah Hull, MPH, PhD, microbiology laboratories manager, Wyoming Department of Health
August 28, 2020 (Archived session)​
CEU Credits: 1.0 PACE

Public Notice: Disease Detectives, Media and the Transformation of Poultry (588-627-20) 
Mayrn McKenna, journalist and author of Big Chicken, Super Bug and Beating Back the Devil (https://marynmckenna.com/​)
September 18, 2020 (Archived session​)​
CEU Credits: 1.0 PACE

A Systems Approach to Food Safety Governance: How to Maximize Feedback & Learning (588-626-20)​
Timothy Lytton, BA, J​D, associate dean for research and faculty development, professor of law, Georgia State University
September 25, 2020 (Archived session) 
CEU Credits: 1.0 PACE

Laboratory Track Webinars

Cluster Detection and Reporting I (588-615-20)​
Session Moderator: Kelley Hise
Session Presenters: Jasmine Huffman; Francis Tannor; Lauren Turner
August 10, 2020 (Archived session)
CEU Credits: 1.5 PACE

Cluster Detection and Reporting II (588-619-20)
Session Moderators​: Glenn Tillman and Aphrodite Douris
Session Presenters: Anna Blackstock; Heather Carlton; Eric Vaughn; Matt Wise
August 18, 2020 (Archived session. Please note video was edited as per speaker agreement)
CEU Credits: 1.0 PACE

Multi-Level Examination of Sequence Quality (588-616-20)​
Session Moderators​: ​Jennifer Adams and Lavin Joseph (Also a session pres​​enter)
Session Presenters: Jenny Truong; Taylor Griswold; Sean Wang
August 24, 2020 (Archived session)
CEU Credits: 1.5 PACE