​October 15–19, 2023
Sacramento, CA

The 2023 APHL/ISNS Newborn Screening Symposium will again be a hybrid symposium (both in-person and virtual). Sessions and activities will take place in Sacramento with an online component of sessions and events live streamed and/or recorded. 

The International Society for Neonatal Screening (ISNS) joins us in a truly international meeting with emphasis on practices and goals shared by our partners throughout the world.

The symposium will address state, national and international newborn screening, genetic testing and policy issues important to public health newborn screening systems. Topics include molecular technologies, current and upcoming conditions, quality improvement, communicating with families and the public, and short- and long-term follow-up.

​Participants will enhance their knowledge of national and international newborn screening and genetics as related to emerging laboratory
techno​logies, follow-up, candidate conditions, quality improvement and clinical outcomes. 


“This was the best virtual conference event that I have participated in to date.  It was easy to navigate and there was a lot of flexibility... I could start the session when I was ready."

All the lectures were excellent, but I think I got the most out of the back and forth dialogue... because there were some very rich conversations. It has also been helpful to have the recordings because I can go back and listen to something I missed.”

I absolutely loved the patient panel at the end of the symposium! Their talks really tugged on the heartstrings and reminded me of the importance of newborn screening, and the lifelong impact these conditions have on families.”


Join us! ​​NBS ​​Symposium 2023 from APHL on Vimeo.

​​​Future Conferences​​

2024 Newborn Screening Symposium

​October 20–24, 2024
Omaha, NE​​​​