APHL 2022 Annual Conference
May 17-20, 2022
Cleveland, Ohio

The APHL Annual Conference, a hybrid (in-person and online) event for the public health laboratory community, brings together leaders, scientists, influencers and partners to share issues, trends and best practices driving laboratory science and public health today.

Session topics explore public health laboratory issues, trends and technologies relative to COVID-19 and other emerging infectious diseases, environmental health, emergency preparedness, quality systems and safety, informatics, food safety, newborn screening, global health and more.

Sessions are accompanied by scientific posters, networking opportunities, interactive exhibits and roundtable discus​sions for a well-rounded, dynamic and valuable experience!

As a public health organization, APHL feels it is necessary to require full COVID-19 vaccination and mask wearing at the APHL 2022 Annual Conference for all in-person attendees, vendors, staff and support personnel. Please bear this in mind before registering for this meeting.

Refresh and recharge in-person next May at APHL 2022, where laboratory science and public health meet!​

"Overall [APHL 2021] was a stellar [event] and I am proud of APHL for thinking outside the box, continuing to be a very important source of information for the public health lab community."

"[APHL 2021] was just perfect. Given the fact that we are so busy working in our labs, having the chance to watch each presentation at a later time made all the difference."