Sessions will run from Septemb​er 22 – October 15, with up to three sessions per day on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

In place of APHL's traditional in-person Annual Conference, we are excited to host the APHL 2020 Virtual Conference, an online event that will deliver timely content, networking and more for the public health laboratory community. We look forward to this opportunity to share best practices, connect with our colleagues and strengthen the public health laboratory system. 

Bringing the APHL Annual Conference to You

Visit the APHL 2020 Virtual Platform

APHL 2020 Virtual will feature a series of free, online presentations on selected topics that would have been included during our in-person conference. Experts will discuss pandemic response and other timely ​​topics, including environmental health, infectious disease, informatics and workforce development. We'll pair the sessions with live conversations with presenters and record each for easy on-demand access.

Highlights inclu​de:

  • Kati Kelley lecture

  • Interactive poster hall

  • Opportunities to engage with industry partners and  representatives

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