​APHL brings together institutions and individuals who recognize the value of public health surveillance and testing. Representatives from state and local public health laboratories as well as environmental, chemical, agricultural and food safety laboratories are welcome as association members. Companies, students and recent graduates are also encouraged to join. 

Wondering whether you belong in APHL?  Contact APHL senior specialist, membership, Drew Gaskins, drew.gaskins@aphl.org, for more information.

Professio​​​nal Development and Training

APHL offers workshops, leadership forums, technical conferences, trainings and fellowships. Topics range from the latest in molecular diagnostic techniques to marketing of laboratory services.

Networking and Laborator​y Linkages

APHL brings together the field’s leading minds in a network of established and emerging laboratory leaders.

National and Global Advo​​cacy

APHL monitors political and regulatory affairs, and promotes policies that maintain and strengthen the nation's public health laboratory system.​

Technical Assis​​​tance

APHL offers technical assistance with routine laboratory management and operations and provides support to laboratories during public health emergencies. Whether the need is grant writing or development of a laboratory information management system, APHL has the answers.

News and Inform​​ation

APHL shares regular electronic updates, a quarterly magazine, listservs, technical briefs, protocols and notices of funding opportunities. All help to keep members informed.