Newborn screening, infectious disease testing, bioterrorism response, drinking water monitoring… With a list of capabilities like the ones above, you’d think every person in town would be familiar with their local or state public health laboratory. But in fact they’re not – most don’t even know they exist.

In response, NCPHLL’s Emerging Leader Cohort 4 created the Public Health Laboratory Awareness Toolkit or PHLAT, to educate the community about public health laboratory services, reinforce the value of these services to legislators and recruit new people into the field.

The tools below have been developed for public health laboratories to use and adapt to their own needs.

Infectious Agent Board Game

Looking for something fun that briefly illustrates the goings-on in infectious disease testing?  This board game for ages 10 and up, increases awareness of the kinds of infectious agents tested by public health laboratories.

  • Board Game
  • Board Game Rules
  • Board Game Cards

    Publication - "The Ins and Outs of a Public Health Laboratory"
    Looking to disseminate information on what goes on in a Public Health Laboratory? This ready to use publication provides an overview of who we are, what we do and why we do it for the general public.  It encompasses all laboratory testing, including food and environmental testing.

    PowerPoint on Public Health Laboratories
    Do you have a presentation to give on your public health laboratory? This customizable template provides an overview of PHLs, beginning with an introduction to the core functions of a Public Health Laboratory.

    Letter to Your LegislatorGet in touch with your Legislators about important issues concerning your public health lab! Use these templates as examples of how to effectively communicate and advocate to legislators about your PHL. Find out what format to use and what relevant details should be included in your letter to connect to the legislators in your community who may have influential pull regarding issues that affect your lab.
  • Press Release Template

    Do you take pride in what you are doing in your laboratory and would you like to share it with the media? A press release is a quick and effective way to deliver that message. Why not give our press release template a try?  It's basic.  It's easy to follow.  And, best of all, it comes with a companion guide to help you through the process.  We realize that sometimes you may be asked to provide a short prepared message about your laboratory for a press release.  If that's the case, we have examples of prepared messages that can be incorporated into a press release to highlight your laboratory's accomplishments.

    Press Release Template for Public Health Laboratories - Companion Guide

    Open House Guide

    Want to provide information to the general public or state and local legislators about your Public Health Lab through a fun day of learning? Use the PHLAT Open House guide to help plan an event at your laboratory. You will find an outline of information with tips on how to get started, what to expect and helpful hints during the event planning process.

    PHL Wikipedia Template

    Use the PHLAT Wikipedia Template as a guide to create a customized and unique Wikipedia page for your Public Health Laboratory. Discover what important information to include and how to use a Wikipedia page to link your lab to the community. 

    Social Media Guide

    An increasing number of businesses are using social media to promote themselves. Why should public health laboratories be any different? Our social media guide demonstrates how public health laboratories can use social media to interact with the communities they serve. Learn how to create your lab's Facebook page and LinkedIn network, and how to utilize RSS feeds, blogs, eCards and much more. 

    Promotional Products

    Promotional products can be powerful marketing tools for your public health laboratory if done correctly. Find out how to promote your laboratory through the use promotional items like pens, tote bags, and cups. Also find out how you might obtain funding for these projects through APHL.