​​The Public Health Laboratory System Database (PHLSD) is an online, comprehensive test and equipment inventory built specifically for public health laboratories. The PHLSD is a secure database, developed in response to requests from public health laboratory leadership. The database is a valuable resource for developing activities such as organizing laboratory profile information, managing equipment and tests, or understanding potential platforms for new assay development. Information from the database may be used for analyzing public health laboratory testing capabilities nationwide, investigating equipment options and identifying training and collaboration opportunities. With this ki​nd of information more readily available, the need for future surveys on these topics should be reduced.

Currently, APHL is focused on populating th​e clinical tests and equipment fields in the PHLSD. In the future, APHL will add modules for environmental health, forensics and agriculture.

Please note that only participating laboratory directors and their assignees have access to the database.

​​​​Participating Laboratories

The states and cities in the map below denote laboratories that have either already submitted data to the PHLSD (teal), or are in the process of entering it (green), as of January 2020.

Clinical PHLSD Status


Equipment PHLSD Status

PHLSD Progress Map

Bec​​ome a Parti​cipating Laboratory

To sign up or to get more information about how t​​o participate, please contact Andrea Wright, Specialist, Quality Systems and Analytics at 240.485.2756 or andrea.wright@aphl.org.​

PHLSD Data Entry Assistance

Resources to assist with inputting data into the PHLSD are available to APHL members. Contact Andrea Wright ​​for more information.