​APHL supports governmental laboratories working to protect people from chemical exposures through the detection of contaminants – both in people and in the environment. Through technical assistance, training and guidance, APHL strengthens the analytical capability and testing capacity nationally.

​Focus Areas

Areas of focus include:

  • Human biomonitoring
  • Chemical emergency response
  • Radiological testing
  • Safe drinking water
  • Cannabis and opioid testing

Integrating PHLs and the ​Environmental Health System

APHL works with federal partners at CDC, ATSDR, EPA​ and public health member associations in the environmental health system to fully integrate the public health laboratories into the environmental health system. This work includes:

  • State and/or regional environmental health systems meetings
  • Strategies for community engagement
  • Risk communication and emergency response
  • Data exchange

For example, state public health and environmental labs are working with CDC, ATSDR and EPA to help address community concerns related to PFAS contaminated drinking water.

Environmental Health Laboratory Communications Toolkit

APHL is creating a set of resources for laboratory directors and communications officers to better advocate and promote the role of environmental health testing laboratories: