The environment surrounding the regulation of medical and adult use cannabis is rapidly evolving. Many states and state laboratories are collecting information regarding the quality of products available for legal sale to assist patients and consumers in making informed decisions and to ensure the products sold meet the state standards for contaminants.

To assist states in understanding the diversity of cannabis programs and efforts across the country, APHL is collecting jurisdiction-specific information to provide a snap shot of activities in each state. 

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Below is the list of states who have responded to our outreach on this topic. State labs were asked to provide a link to their state's legalized medical cannabis program. If there is no hyperlink included, it most likely means the state is not participating in cannabis testing, research or learning of any kind.

Click on the state name to read more information about what else each state is doing in regards to cannabis testing.

AlaskaState of Alaska Public Health LaboratoryAlaska has a Medical use Registry w/o distribution and a Retail recreational use commercial cannabis program
ArizonaArizona Department of Health Serviceshttp://www.azdhs.gov/licensing/medical-marijuana/index.php#rules-statutes
CACDPH, Food and Drug Laboratory Branch, Cannabis Testing Sectionnumerous bills apply in CA - the above link is the latest trailer bill
COColorado Department of Public Health and Environment Laboratory Services DivisionColorado Medical and Retail Marijuana Rules
ColoradoColorado Department of Public Health & Environment, Laboratory Services Divisionhttps://www.colorado.gov/pacific/enforcement/laws-constitution-statutes-and-regulations-marijuana-enforcement
District of ColumbiaDC PHL
HawaiiHawaii Department of Health State LaboratoriesHAR 11-850
IndianaIndiana State Dept Health Lab
MarylandMMCC Website
Massachusetts(Non-laboratory) Massachusetts Department of Public Health http://www.mass.gov/eohhs/docs/dph/regs/105cmr725.pdf
Massachusetts(Non-laboratory) Massachusetts Department of Public Health http://www.mass.gov/eohhs/docs/dph/regs/105cmr725.pdf
MichiganMichigan Department of Health and Human Service, Bureau of Laboratorieshttp://www.michigan.gov/lara/0,4601,7-154-79571---,00.html
MinnesotaMN Department of Agriculture
MissouriMissouti State Public Health Laboratory
NCNorth Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Food & Drug Protection Division
NebraskaNebraska Department of Agriculture
NebraskaNebraska Department of Agriculture Laboratory
NHNot a laboratoryCannabis program rules
North CarolinaNorth Carolina Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services/Food and Drug Protection
North CarolinaNorth Carolina State Laboratory of Public Health
NYWadsworth Center, New York State Department of Healthhttps://www.health.ny.gov/regulations/medical_marijuana/regulations.htm
OhioOhio Public Health Laboratory
UtahUtah Public Health Laboratory
UtahUtah Public Health Laboratory
VirginiaDivision of Consolidated Laboratory Services
WIWisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene
WyomingWyoming Department of Agriculture Analytical Services Laboratory