APHL has launched the National Biomonitoring Network (NBN) and applications are currently being accepted from local, state, and federal governmental biomonitoring laboratories integrated into the public health system. Laboratories applying for tier 1, 2, 3, or 4 membership must complete the online application, and admission is based on the application’s thorough review. The network has been designed to accommodate a variety of different backgrounds, and applications will be welcomed from limited to experienced laboratories. There is no NBN application or membership fee at this time.

Online Application

Upon submission of your application, an APHL staff member will review your application for completeness. You will be notified if application components are missing. Completed applications will then be assessed on a quarterly basis by panels composed of 3 reviewers and 1 chairperson.

Members are welcome to petition for a new tier status at any time by submitting a new application, which would be assessed at the next quarterly review. Additionally, every laboratory will be asked to renew their membership status to the network every two years. APHL is not prepared to accept Tier 4 laboratories at this time, but will update this website when Tier 4 opens for applications. To be notified of this update, please send an email to eh@aphl.org with 'Tier 4 Application' in the subject line. Tier descriptions document.

Thank you for your interest in the National Biomonitoring Network. Please contact the environmental health program at APHL with any questions or comments.

APHL Environmental Health Program




If you've started an application, but need to update information, open the application below. Click the notepad icon to immediately Edit the application, otherwise click on the Laboratory Name to view the application (you may then use the ribbon to Edit).

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