The National Biomonitoring Network (NBN) is a collaboration of federal, regional, state and local laboratories that conduct biomonitoring for use in public health practice and in response to environmental emergencies. The goals of the NBN are to advance the science of biomonitoring, encourage its use in addressing environmental health questions and ensure quality practices, which will help produce comparable biomonitoring data. Learn more about the NBN and the benefits of membership

Please email if you have questions or comments about the NBN or the application process.

Become a Part of the National Biomonitoring Network

The NBN is currently accepting applications from local, state and federal governmental biomonitoring laboratories integrated into the public health system. The network has been designed to accommodate a variety of backgrounds, and applications will be welcomed from laboratories with limited to extensive experience.

Application Process

Apply to Join the NBN

To apply to join the NBN, fill out the online application form by clicking on the red button above. An APHL staff member will review the application for completeness and you will be notified if any components are missing. Applications will be assessed on a quarterly basis by a panel of three reviewers and a chairperson.

Members are welcome to petition for a new tier status at any time by submitting a new application, which will be assessed at the next quarterly review. All laboratories will be asked to renew their network membership every three years.

There is no NBN application or membership fee at this time.

Eligible Laboratories

NBN membership is currently available to Tier 1, 2 and 3 laboratories.
Learn more about the three laboratory tiers:​

Tier 1

  • Laboratories with infrastructure that are actively/routinely conducting biomonitoring science integrated within the public health system.
  • Demonstrated successful participation in an established quality assessment program (two per year).

Tier 2

  • Laboratories with biomonitoring capabilities and infrastructure but not actively conducting biomonitoring science.
  • Established implementation plan including a biomonitoring team integrated within the public health system and a timeline.  

Tier 3

  • Laboratories considering development of biomonitoring capabilities.​

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