​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​APHL, in collaboration with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention​, has developed a ​series of free, interactive modules called ​​​​Essentials for the Mycobacteriology Laboratory: Promoting Quality Practices​ to promote competency, quality and safety in common mycobacteriology testing practices. Designed for laboratorians at all levels of experience, but useful for anyone interested in learning more about TB testing, each module in the series is complemented by references and resources.

Users are encouraged to view the modules as frequently as needed. This set of training modules were fully updated in 2020 to include the most current best practices, information and recommendations. Additionally, many of the modules are now eligible for continuing education credit. 

Access the Training Modules​​

The modules are now available in the APHL Learning Center (follow instructions below) but we have included a list of available modules and descriptions below for your awareness. 

Access the APHL Learning Center

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  3. Once logged in, My Learning Center will be displayed.
  4. Next, under the Course Catalog header, select Search.
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  6. Use the Search Bar to find the desired course(s) or learning plan(s) for the interested topic and click Enroll. 
  • For the laboratory audience, search for: Essentials for the Mycobacteriology Laboratory: Promoting Quality Practices
  • For a non-technical/non-laboratory audience, search for:  
    • TB12: Landscape and Language of Molecular Diagnostics for TB Drug Resistance
    • Understanding Tuberculosis (TB) Laboratory Testing for Public Health Nurses

​Essentials for the Mycobacteriology Laboratory: Promoting Quality Practices​​ Training Modules

​​​​​​ TB1 Overview of Tuberculosis

 TB2 Laboratory Safety: Work Practices for Mycobacterium tuberculosis

 TB3 Specimen Collection, Transport, Handling, and Processing

 TB4 AFB Smear Microscopy

TB5 Overview of Mycobacterial Culture, Identification, and Drug Susceptibility Testing

 TB6 Mycobacterial Culture

 TB7 Identification of Mycobacteria

 TB8 Drug Susceptibility Testing for MTB Complex

 TB9 Molecular Biology 101

 TB10 Molecular Detection and Identification of Mycobacteria

 TB11 Molecular Detection of Drug Resistance

 TB12 Landscape and Language of Molecular Diagnostics for TB Drug Resistance

 TB13 Mycobacteriology False-Positive Case Studies