​Need to Report COVID-19 Test Results?

When you’re sending test data, every second counts. That’s why more data reporters are using Datapult for their high-volume COVID-19 electronic laboratory reporting (ELR)​ transmissions. Contact us today to find out how we can help you!

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Datapult: Accelerate Y​​​our ELR​

​Utilizing the AIMS platform, Datapult allows reporters to quickly send massive amounts of testing data tailored to the distinct messaging standards of public health laboratories an​d agencies of all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and several large cities and counties.

Establishing and maintaining several of your own unique connections with public health agencies requires too much time, money and effort. Datapult serves as a single point of connection to multiple destinations and streamlines the electronic laboratory reporting process with unmatched efficiency, security and accuracy, creating new opportunities to expand your testing capacity and bottom line.

Benefits of Datapult ELR for Data Reporters​​​

  • Easily and securely send data to all state public health jurisdictions in their preferred formats

  • Facilitate compliance with data reporting mandates​ outlined by the CARES Act and other federal requirements

  • Track messaging progress and other metrics with a data dashboard

  • Maximize efficiency

  • Avoid the time- and cost-intensive work of building your own individual connections 

​Built by Public Health, for Public Health

Datapult represents more than a decade of work guided by APHL’s unique understanding of the public health community, its nuanced reporting needs and its communications infrastructure with CDC, HHS, public health laboratories and state and territorial health departments.

​​There’s simply no easier solution for reporting a high volume of public health and healthcare data​ on a national scale.

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