​The APHL Informatics Help Desk is a cloud-based technical support ticketing service available to support APHL member and partner informatics needs. The Help Desk serves as a community repository where you can find more information about APHL Informatics Program and Member Services. Ask questions or start the process of initiating a Technical Assistance (TA) request from the TA or AIMS team - no question or request is too small!

Using the APHL Informatics Help Desk

Email us at informatics.support@aphl.org and include a description of the issue.​ Your email automatically creates a ticket within our Help Desk system and we’ll respond back very soon!

When to Use the APHL Informatics Help Desk

The APHL Informatics Help Desk can be used when you need to reach the APHL Informatics Program to:

  • Request Technical Assistance

  • Initiate a Request for a New Informatics Project

  • Ask for HL7 Vocabulary Assistance

  • Have a Rhapsody Question

  • Need Best Practices for ELR Solutions