The Newborn Screening Analyte Interference List is a compilation of published and observed analyte interferences of newborn screening assays. The list serves as a central, one-stop resource for all known newborn screening assay interferences. Users can both review and add interferences to the list. Interferences can be filtered by one or more of the filter categories below, or users can scroll down to view all interferences. 

Click on the hyperlinks in the "Analyte Affected" column to see additional information, including root causes, mechanism of disruption and grade of certainty.

Download the complete list of interferences here.

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How to Nominate an Interference

To nominate an interference, please review the reported analyte interferences above, then:​
  • Select "Nominate an Interference," in the red box below.
  • Enter your data. Please note that some fields are mandatory and all data must be entered at one time. It is not possible to save and return later, so please locate all information prior to starting an entry.
  • Select "Submit" to send analyte interference to the QA/QC subcommittee for review.
Nominate an Interference


Please contact Funke Akinsola, senior specialist, Newborn Screening & Genetics if you have any questions or suggested changes to the interference list.​