APHL sponsors education and training programs in multiple formats to accommodate the demanding schedules of professionals in biochemical genetic testing and newborn screening (NBS). Webinars and workshops – presented live and then archived – examine screening platforms and methodologies, clinical aspects of newborn screening disorders and related policy issues, among other topics. Additional resources, tools, webinars and videos are publicly available to the NBS community through the NewSTEPs Resource Library.

Please contact Funke Akinsola, senior specialist, Newborn Screening and Genetics, for assistance with training materials and programs.

Annual Newborn Screening Symposium

The annual Newborn Screening Symposium brings together newborn screening and genetics laboratory professionals, personnel and counselors, students, health care practitioners or other maternal and child health service providers, public health nurses, specialists, laboratory directors, and other professionals involved with newborn screening and genetic testing issues and follow-up. The meeting addresses state, national and international newborn screening, genetic testing and policy issues important to public health newborn screening systems. Topics include molecular technologies, current and upcoming conditions, quality improvement, communicating with families and the public and short- and long-term follow-up. For more information, please visit the symposium website. Archived symposia content can be found here: Conference Presentations (aphl.org)

Annual Training Workshops

APHL conducts several NBS training workshops for laboratorians and follow-up staff on an annual basis. In collaboration with CDC, APHL hosts hands-on workshops on molecular testing and tandem mass spectrometry for laboratory staff.

With funding support from the Health and Services Resources Administration (HRSA), APHL NewSTEPs hosts an annual tandem mass spectrometry workshop and follow-up 101 training for follow-up staff.

Calls for applications are typically sent to the NBS state program leadership and posted over the APHL Newborn Screening Community listserv.

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Other Educational Materials