APHL is looking to identify outside legal counsel to advise on cybersecurity and data privacy issues, to assist with internal investigations and compliance control programs, and to offer support on governance and other nonprofit matters. All work will be coordinated through APHL's General Counsel.

Anticipated RFP schedule:

March 20, 2017                           Revised RFP release date

March 27, 2017                          Optional prospective bidder information conference call

April 3, 2017                                Final day to submit RFP - related questions or clarifications

April 10, 2017                              Proposal Receipt Deadline at 5:00pm

April 17, 2017                              Final day of APHL’s evaluation and review of proposals

April 18, 2017                              Recommendations sent to senior executive staff for final decision

April 20, 2017                  –            APHL notifies firm(s) selected to work selected to work with APH

April 27, 2017                  –            Draft engagement letters due from selected firm(s) to APHL

‡ = If APHL elects to conduct the optional secondary evaluation described in the RFP, these dates will change.

Request for Proposal Materials

The Request For Proposal (RFP) provides details on how to complete this RFP.