This is a request for information advising interested parties that the Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL) is seeking information on providers of laboratory e-tools for the following purposes:

  • Proficiency Testing/External Quality Assessment
  • Equipment Management
  • Data Integration Engines
  • Sample Referral Software
  • Instrument Data Capture Software
  • Data Centralization Software
  • Data Analysis Software for Laboratory Data
  • Freezer Management, and
  • Laboratory Information Management Systems

 Vendors will be asked to complete a questionnaire pertaining to their products/tools. APHL's intent is to include vendors and their products' information in an online interactive repository that will be available globally.

Instructions to Vendors

​This Request for Information (RFI) is not an order.  No cost can be charged to APHL for any reason. This is not a request or authorization to perform work at APHL's expense. Any work performed will be at the vendor's own discretion and expense. The RFI does not represent a commitment to buy.  APHL is providing a questionnaire to vendors to complete as a part of this RFI. All interested parties are required to answer the questions in the questionnaire, the link to which is provided here​.  APHL's goal is to keep the online repository updated and relevant; therefore, as vendors make updates to their tools they are requested to reach out to the point of contact, Natalie Martinez (, to provide new information.

Time for response

The repository will include a compilation of laboratory tools that Ministries of Health can reference for possible use.  Vendors/tool providers and Ministries of Health will be responsible for licensing and implementation costs. APHL is providing this repository as a means for Ministries to learn about options available for meeting the needs of their laboratories and as a way to compare options available and viewing each tool's maturity level. Selection of vendors/providers and associated costs is at the discretion of Ministries of Health.

The repository will be updated on a regular and continuous basis as complete responses are received from Lab e-Tool providers. APHL expects to launch the repository in April 2022; therefore, the sooner responses are provided, the more likely it will be included in the repository as part of the launch. 


​​The Official RFI Document will provide detailed information in regards to this request, please read it on its entirety. ​