APHL is seeking an evaluation specialist to help measure the effectiveness of these laboratory-focused GHS activities provided to NCIRD through GHS funds to support activities carried out between 2016 and 2019 calendar years. Effectiveness of these activities is defined by laboratory capacity gains identified in 2020 measured against baseline laboratory capacity in 2016. Additionally, APHL seeks to understand the value of partner-facilitated implementation in helping accelerate and implement CDC's initiatives.

The evaluation will:

  1. Explain how and if NCIRD GHS activities contributed to both country and CDC NCIRD programmatic advancements;

  2. Document the financial investment related to the activities in relation to measurable outcomes; and 
  3. Document key lessons learned, challenges, and successes to help inform future programming.

Through this RFP, APHL seeks to identify an organization or individual who can support an evaluation project, including the following tasks:

  • Program analysis and data completeness analysis
  • Data collection tool development
  • Program evaluation expertise
  • Strong facilitation and project management methodologies


Interested parties must submit a proposal to APHL that provides all of the information specified in the Proposal Submission section below. In order to be considered for funding, an applicant must ensure APHL has its complete proposal by no later than the Proposal Due Date specified in the Anticipated RFP Schedule section below. Applicants will find proposal submission information in the Response Submittal section below.

Anticipated RFP Schedule

Applications are due to the individual(s) specified in the Final Response section of this RFP by 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) on November 22, 2019. APHL anticipates the following schedule for the entire competitive bidding process:

October 28, 2019                                APHL issues RFP

November 5, 2019                              Letter of Intent due to APHL by 5:00 pm EST 

November 22, 2019                            Complete RFP responses due to APHL by 5:00 pm EST

November 25 – December 5, 2019  Proposal review

December 5, 2019                              APHL publicly announces the names of the selected applicants on its procurement website, www.aphl.org/rfp

January 6, 2020                                   Anticipated start date of project

APHL will post any modifications to this anticipated schedule to APHL's procurement website, www.aphl.org/rfp.

Response Submittal 

Confirmation of Intent to Respond

APHL requires that prospective applicants submit a brief email statement indicating intent to submit a proposal by no later than 5:00 PM EST on November 5, 2019. The letter of intent should be emailed to infectious.diseases@aphl.org (Attn: Elizabeth Toure). While the letter of intent is not binding and does not enter into the review of the RFP, the information that it contains allows APHL's evaluation team to plan the contract development and review process. It is required for consideration of application. Potential applicants must include the name of the organization or individual that will submit the proposal in their email.

Final Response

APHL must receive a complete proposal by no later than 5:00 PM EST on November 22, 2019.  Applicants should submit proposals via email to infectious.diseases@aphl.org (Attn: Elizabeth Toure). It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that APHL receives the proposal by this deadline.

APHL will send an email acknowledging the receipt of your application. If you do not receive an acknowledgement within 48 hours, please call 240-485-3860 and email infectious.diseases@aphl.org.

APHL will post any modifications to this anticipated schedule to APHL's procurement website, www.aphl.org/rfp


Please direct all questions regarding this RFP or its application requirements via email to Stephanie Chester/Elizabeth Toure at infectious.diseases@aphl.org.

A member of APHL's Infectious Diseases staff will respond directly to the questions on an individual basis. While APHL will endeavour to answer questions within one business day of receipt, additional time may be needed depending on the issue raised. APHL anticipates that it will also post each question, together with the answers, to APHL's procurement website (www.aphl.org/rfp) within one business day of responding directly to the email sender.


The Program Evaluator for APHL-CDC Global Health Security Acceleration Projects provides detailed information in regards to this request, please read it in its entirety.