The Association of Public Health Laboratories, Inc. (APHL), in consultation with the Zambia Ministry of Health (MOH) and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), expects to undertake various solar power projects at laboratories across Zambia. The total number of installations will depend on the amount of funding CDC allocates to these projects and the needs or capacity of MOH.


APHL expects to install solar power equipment at multiple laboratories each year on a relatively aggressive time schedule. As a result, APHL is looking to identify up to five applicants – one winning applicant to work on the initial project and up to four additional applicants who will be able to bid on subsequent solar power projects – who have the capacity, experience and qualifications to design, procure and install the solar power equipment. The first of the solar power projects will take place at the Chest Diseases Laboratory (CDL) in Lusaka and is described in the RFP linked below.

APHL encourages any party who feels they could successfully undertake and complete one or more solar power projects – whether for the project at the CDL or for one of the subsequent projects at another laboratory in country – to submit a proposal for consideration.

Anticipated RFP Schedule

06 March 2017  APHL issues RFP

17 March 2017  Letter of Intent due to APHL by 5:00 pm Central Africa Time (CAT)

22 March 2017  Site visit to the CDL

05 April 2017  Complete RFP responses due to APHL by 5:00 pm CAT

07 April 2017  APHL completes the Initial Review of proposals received

28 April 2017  APHL completes the Evaluation Process and requests any needed supplemental information

05 May 2017  Supplemental information (if any) due to APHL by 5:00 pm CAT

12 May 2017  APHL finishes review of any supplemental information and contacts winning/selected applicants

15 May 2017  APHL publicly announces the names of the selected applicants

19 May 2017   Project schedule and budget for the CDL project finalized

01 June 2017  Anticipated start date of the initial project at CDL


APHL may modify this schedule or the RFP by posting those modifications to this webpage.


RFP Materials

The Request For Proposal (RFP) provides details on how to complete this RFP.