Are you new to APHL or need a refresher about how to access the laboratory training and information APHL offers? Find the answers and guidance you need in the four short videos below! Training Video Find APHL Training and Resources on

Discover how to access all APHL trainings and resources from the APHL Laboratory Training site, which you can navigate to within the website’s main menu under Your Development > Laboratory Training and Events. Learn more about all your training opportunities on the About the APHL Laboratory Training Program page, where you can also find contact information, previous editions of the Training Partners Connection Newsletters and how to submit an APHL Training Community Connection Request.

Training Portal Video Utilize the APHL Training Portal​

Discover how to create an account to log into the Training Portal and access online courses in the Catalog. Learn how to view, download or print completion certificates. Most courses are free for employees of APHL member laboratories.​​​

Training Search Video Search for APHL Laboratory Training and Events 

Learn how to use the APHL Laboratory Training and Events​ search page to find upcoming trainings and events, on-demand trainings, and laboratory tools and resources.

ColLABorate Video Engage with A​PHL ColLABorate Communities

Find out how to use the Training Partner ColLABorate​ site to post questions and answers, access resource materials and interact with community members. Watch the how to video for a general overview and refer to these written instructions for later reference.